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Eco-friendly Greek resort to highlight relationship between built and natural environment

27 Dec 2017
An eco-friendly resort set on the coast of the Greek island of Rhodes will open in May 2018.

Designed by Dimitris Melenos & Partners, the 266-bedroom Gennadi Grand Resort will be part of Lindos Hotel Group, and will focus on experiential travel along with an emphasis on immersive surroundings.

Melenos has used a design ethos focusing on simplicity and functionality, with buildings creating small 'neighbourhoods' and internal green courtyards and pools functioning as meeting squares, allowing guests to choose whether they prefer a space to socialise or to isolate and reflect.

The main building features a sloping green roof with pathways and natural vegetation on top, allowing visitors to experience the close relationship between the built and natural environment.

Blending into its surroundings, the eco-friendly roof is designed to minimise the sunlight reflection and improve the overall microclimate, and will also be used as an open-air space for walking, yoga and jogging.

The resort’s Grand Spa is designed to bring balance to both design and experience. Slick wooden surfaces, smooth colours and continuous patterns create a quiet space for relaxation.

It will have an emphasis on holistic rejuvenation and relaxation, offering a range of signature rituals, facials and body treatments that focus on releasing stress and tension while promoting inner balance and harmony.

“The spa will support guests in achieving their personal goals through an exceptional collection of spa therapies, beauty treatments and wellness offerings,” Soultana Kalochoridou, managing director of the Grand Spa.

“Unique treatments of Grand Spa include organic plants and extracts from rare aromatic Greek herbs that feature soothing and healing properties. Ultimately, we aim to exceed expectations and provide a unique and tranquil spa experience.”

The fitness centre will offer yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates and aqua Pilates, aqua aerobics, tennis, beach volley and many other water sports. Additional activities will include hiking, mountain biking and windsurfing.

The property will use a reverse osmosis (RO) plant, which provides 20,000 litres of clean, sustainable water per hour using a system that requires little maintenance at low cost. Other energy-saving, eco-friendly solutions include energy-saving glass panels, the latest eco-focused air conditioning/heating system, recycling, litter separation system and energy saving bulbs.

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