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Hungarian university offers thermal spa and resort management course

18 Mar 2015
The School of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality of BKF University of Applied Sciences in Budapest, Hungary, is offering a new educational programme called Thermal Spa and Resort Management for individuals interested in health tourism and spa management based on natural resources.

The course aims to teach students how to work in spas, hotels and resorts that use thermal or hot springs. The course will be based on the well-established heritage of the thermal water management and thermal bathing culture of Hungary.

Management and marketing techniques for international markets will be taught to students, thanks to the collaboration of several industry partners: Hungarian Bath Association; The Tourism Observatory for Health, Wellness and Spa; Budapest Baths Corporation; and the Hungarian Association of Hotels & Restaurants.

Lazlo Puczko, head of the programme at BKF said: “We witness, in international markets, the renaissance of the use of natural (healing) resources – such as thermal water. It is understood that natural healing remedies and resources have been used by many cultures throughout the history of humankind.

"By this time and age, however, establishments face new challenges and need to adapt this traditional approach. Working closely together with industry partners, this unique programme will prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge. As a result, they will be excellent resources for thermal/ hot spring establishments.

Specialist subjects on the course will include wellbeing studies, evidence-based therapies and healing resources, hotel and resort management, health tourism, thermal spa management, thermal spa and resort development, wellbeing and quality of life and health industries.

Foundation courses include cultural and heritage management, tourism products and management, destinations and tourism, marketing communication in tourism, experience management, human resources and quality management in tourism, plus sustainable planning and development.

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