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ISPA study shows demand high for US spa staff

07 Oct 2015
With an estimated total of 360,000 employees in the US spa industry – a record high – the demand for US spa staff does not appear to be slowing down, according to The International Spa Association's 2015 US Spa Industry Study.

This is in line with global demand for spa staff, which continues to increase, as reported in Spa Opportunities.

According to the ISPA report, 57 per cent of facilities surveyed said they planned to create new job opportunities.

The study also found that almost one in two spas (46 per cent) said they had increased staffing levels in the last six months compared to the same period in the previous year.

Demand for more service providers in the industry is evident, with an estimated 37,780 unfilled positions, of which 41 per cent are full-time and 59 per cent are part-time, the study found.

Massage therapists are particularly sought after, representing half of all the unfilled positions.

US spas added 5,500 full-­time and 7,500 part-time jobs in 2014, the study found – in line with ISPA’s previous findings where part­-time employment has seen greater growth than full­-time.

Additionally, almost two-­thirds (65 per cent) of spas said they intend to add or create new employee training opportunities.

Positions filled by independent contractors continue to decline, as has been the case since 2010.

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